Weeds Are No Longer A Problem, Ever

Weeds Are No Longer A Problem, Ever


Do you have a dirt garden? Love watching weeds grow faster than your lettuce? Get excited about wearing your knees out and breaking your back? Cant wait to see your garden totally overrun with weeds?

Well, you don't have to worry about any weeds in The Salad Table because you will never come across them. Your prize patch will finally be weed free, and when i say weed free, I mean none, zilch, zero...

In fact i have never seen a weed on my commercial farm that just randomly popped up. And my farm has produced literally millions of plants over the years. Now thats not a bad strike rate. The Salad Table is based on exactly the same process as my farm in all aspects except it is presented in a pint size version that will fit almost anywhere. It's extremely productive, highly efficient and there is no weeds.

The reason for a lack of weeds is because The Salad Table sits above the ground (at a good waist working height) and doesn't contain any dirt for weeds to take hold. It really is as simple as that. Seeds that get blown in the wind, dropped by birds or that lay dormant in the dirt for years are really a never ending pain in the grass for dirt gardeners...BUT NOT for Salad Table Growers.

So if you don't want or need weeds in your life, you don't have to any more...


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