Exceptional Growth Rate

Exceptional Growth Rate

November 16, 2016 1 Comment


Why do plants grow much faster in The Salad Table than they do in dirt?

In fact, your plants will grow twice as fast....or more.

Lets start with plant food...or as we call it, nutrients. One of the main reasons for rapid growth is because of the perfect blend of all the essential elements that plants naturally uptake to grow and flourish. These nutrients get delivered directly to the plants’ root systems via a continuous flow of nutrient solution. Because these nutrients are received directly by the roots, the plants aren’t forced to expend energy in search of nutrients as they would in dirt. In dirt all the plant food becomes diluted and leeches deep into the soil and out of reach of the root system. In The Salad Table the roots don’t spread out as much and instead the plant grows up providing us with more of the stuff we love to eat.

Another major factor for the awesome growth rates is because of the access to copious amounts of oxygen. Just like us, plants need lots of oxygen (carbon dioxide actually) to survive. One of the main reasons that plants find it hard to grow (or survive) in heavy soils such as clay is because of the lack of oxygen. In The Salad Table a small portion of the plants roots grow in a very light film of nutrient rich water whilst the rest (majority) of the root ball is actually "in the air". This results in plenty of oxygen uptake and stacks of growth. Its even better than perfect soil.

Space is at a premium for dirt grown herbs and veggies because the underground roots intertwine, mingle and create more knots than me on a fishing trip. They all fight to the death for food which is not what you need in a garden. You need happy well fed babies that will live together in harmony. And when you want to separate them so as to add a beautiful crisp lettuce to the salad, or a bok choy to the stir fry you need them to be able to part with each other. It's not gonna happen in a dirt garden. And for an added bonus, throw a new seedling straight back into the empty hole. It really is that easy, and clean, and efficient, and fast, and healthy, and fun, and cheap, and educational and...........




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Heather wilson
Heather wilson

March 24, 2017

I haven’t had my salad table very long and I’m learning lots as I go along not just about how to grow seeds, and what works with the salad table but about growing vegetables etc from scratch. I love that I know everything about what I will be eating and that nothing has been sprayed. Denis has been fantastic in answering every question I have asked and his helpful hints have been terrific. I love my salad table and am looking forward to harvesting soon.

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