The Small Salad Table

The Small Hydroponic Salad Table Features:

Grow herbs, veggies, vine crops & more

Perfect for your backyard, courtyard, on the patio or even on your high-rise balcony. Have the power to grow what you want when you want. Grow a mix of fresh herbs & veggies.

Grow a larger & healthier garden

Hydroponics delivers nutrients straight to the root system of the plants resulting in healthier yields, all year round growth & faster growing crops. The NFT channels allow the roots to breathe easy and are more efficient than our competitors channels. Perfect for promoting perfect root growth. 

Your complete garden

Simply add your seeds of choice and start growing in no time. This is an all in one solution designed to work perfectly for growing fresh herbs and veggies all year round.

Everything Included:

  • The Small Hydroponic Salad Table (21 Plant Capacity)
  • Durable Aluminium Stand 
  • 42 Litre Nutrient Tank
  • High Quality Efficient Pump
  • FREE 70 x Rockwool Grow Cubes in propagation tray to start your own seedlings
  • FREE Seedling Baskets
  • FREE 2 Litre Nutrient Pack containing Part A and Part B
  • Simple video Instructions 

Reduce water consumption by up to 90%

The fully recirculating system means the water is continuously recaptured and recirculated to the plants. Meaning that you can save up to 90% compared to soil gardening. 

Compact design

Outstanding productivity in a small area of less than 1 square metre.

Raised design

No need for back breaking bending, perfect working height for planting and harvesting. Less prone to attack by grubs, snails & pests. Perfect for gardeners with limited mobility  

Simple cleaning maintenance

Designed by a gardener for gardeners, the proven channel design with remove lids, makes it easy to remove large root mats easily. Channel shape is perfect for larger root development and longer growth cycles than competitors products. 

21 wider space holes

Allows for larger varieties of herbs & veggies such as lettuce, cabbage, kale, silver beet, choy, and the list goes on.


Length - 1100mm

Width - 600mm

Height - 560mm

Note - Container photos may differ slightly to product. We now supply a larger 42L container.