210 Premium Rockwool Grow Cubes

The Salad Table


Our Grow Cubes are very simple to use and are the same product that we have used on our farm for years.

210 Pack - Includes 3 x 70 Rockwool Grow Cube slabs.

Rockwool Grow Cubes are derived from basalt, a natural volcanic rock. Simply soak the required amount of grow cubes in water and then drop a seed (or a pinch of seeds depending on varieties) directly into the pre drilled hole. Sit in a part sunny and protected position and watch them grow.

Periodically water with your Salad Table nutrient, and in about 3 or 4 weeks your seedlings will be ready to plant straight into your Salad Table.

No green thumb required. Grow Cubes are suitable for all plant varieties, all year round.

Our Grow Cubes provide you with a constant supply of beautiful, healthy, fast growing seedlings that are clean, simple to work with and low cost.

The herbs and vegetables you have been buying from the supermarkets for years have probably been grown using these type of Grow Cubes.

Now it's your turn to grow your own fresh herbs and vegetables from scratch, and only for a few cents!!!

Buy bulk to save on postage.