Seedling Baskets 50 Pack

The Salad Table


Our Salad Table Seedling Baskets are perfectly designed to fit the following Salad Table models - The Small, Medium and Large Salad Tables and the Triple Decker Salad Table. 

Seedling Baskets come in packs of 50

Many uses include -

  • specifically designed to hold seedlings grown in our Salad Table Grow Cubes
  • hold nursery/hardware seedlings that have had soil removed
  • grow from seed in a mix of vermiculite, perlite, and peat, or your choice of medium
  • protect fragile stems
  • hold small seedlings that would normally be washed away
  • reduce light in the channel which will assist in algae control
  • reduce wind damage

Baskets can be reused under most circumstances.

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