Choose a Freestanding Hydroponic Garden and Grow Your Own Food Now

If you would love to grow your own vegetables but struggle with traditional gardening (or don’t have the space for it), a freestanding hydroponic garden may be the answer. Hydroponics – growing plants without soil – has grown in popularity in recent years as more and more consumers seek ways to grow their own food more

Grow Fresh, Delicious Vegetables Year-Round with A Hydroponic Grow Kit

Are you considering investing in a hydroponic grow kit? Hydroponics is an excellent way to grow plants without soil and produce higher yields, even where space is limited and even if you don’t have a green thumb. Even commercial growers are flocking to hydroponics for its ease and efficiency. more

Why You Need Our Hydroponic System

Growing produce has never been more stress-free than with our Australian made hydroponic system. Our custom-built Salad Table is a simple system that requires no bending, has no weeds and administers the right amount of nutrients to grow delicious herbs, vegetables and more. Our simple planting more

Grow Fresh Herbs and Produce Anywhere with an Indoor Hydroponic Kit

Now anyone can be a farmer anywhere in Australia with an indoor hydroponic kit. Starting a hydroponic garden at your home means that you are choosing a better way of living, starting with the herbs, fruits and veggies you eat from your garden and extending beyond every aspect of your life more

Easy to Grow Urban Garden

Our hydroponic system means you can quickly grow fresh and healthy produce in your urban garden. Whether you have ample outdoor space with no soil or an available room inside, our system comes in various sizes so you can select one to suit your requirements. Our herb table is lightweight, portable and administers the more

Why Not Start Your Own Hydroponic Herb Garden?

A herb garden that thrives indoors and doesn’t require soil is known as a hydroponic herb garden.There’s nothing like using fresh herbs but not everyone has the land, time, or climate to grow a herb garden outdoors. A hydroponic herb garden provides a way for fresh herb enthusiasts to grow them indoors. Before more

The Salad Table Offers Vertical Gardens, Perfect For Apartments

The Salad Table began as our passion project, allowing anyone to grow their own fresh vegetables and herbs and our vertical garden is the perfect solution for those living in places such as apartments where space is at a premium. Avoid the produce of dubious quality that has been sitting in your local grocery store more

Enjoy Fresh Homegrown Produce with Your Own Hydroponic Table

When we started growing plants with our hydroponic table at our home in Queensland, we had no idea that so many other Australians would latch onto this simple and effective gardening technique. Now anyone can be a farmer and grow delicious produce at home with a hydroponic table kit that uses water, nutrients more

The Salad Table Offers Hydroponic Supplies

The Salad Table came into being when we decided to share our gardening hobby with others by offering hydroponic supplies. With hydroponics, you don’t even need a green thumb to grow fantastic herbs, veggies, and vine crops wherever you live with no weeds, bending or toxic chemicals. Ordering you hydroponic more