The Moveable Garden

The Moveable Garden


Now you can move your garden for whatever reason you choose.

  • move it so you can mow
  • move it to give your plants more sun
  • move it give your plants less sun
  • move it because you are moving house
  • move it undercover to protect from frost
  • move it to make room for a party
  • move it inside
  • move it outside
  • move it to your family's house while you holiday
  • move it to your weekend camping spot
  • move it for the sake of moving it

The Salad Table is very light and because of its small side on profile it will never blow away. Trust me on that one, my Salad Tables sit in my pool area in what seems like the windiest place on the planet. They have endured some very fierce storms without any sign of disappearing over the horizon.Ā 

Its amazing to think that you could grow all your fresh herbs and veggies for many years in the same garden but at different addresses, or even different states. No longer do you have to worry about the landlord or real estate complaining about digging up the rented backyard and then taking your bond.

Imagine being able to take your garden to your friends house for them to look after for you while you head off on a holiday or business trip. It will keep them happy that they don't have to go out of their way and at the same time get some free veggies. Cant do that with a dirt garden!!!

When we package up your Salad Table for delivery we make it a flat pack that is easy to manoeuvre into any small doorway making it perfect for unit and high rise dwellings. Its simple to put on the balcony or into the small yard. Once in position you only have to attach the 4 legs on to the prefab base and sit the garden bed on top. And then when you want to move it a small distance just pick it up and move it. If you need to move The Salad Table to another location, lets say another anther house on the other side of town, just take the legs off and bingo, you have your flat packed garden that will fit straight into the SUV or trailer. The smaller Salad Table will even fit into most small cars across the back seat. (don't forget to drain the excess water)


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