How a Salad Table Can Help You Beat Gardening Fatigue

How a Salad Table Can Help You Beat Gardening Fatigue

Have you found yourself dreading going out to tend to your plants? 

You may be suffering from gardening fatigue. Although, it may seem difficult at the moment you can overcome this and start enjoying the plant life again.

What is Gardening Fatigue?

Gardening fatigue or burnout is when tending to your garden starts to stress you out and feels more like a chore than a hobby. 

Gardening burnout can have many different causes. 

It can be caused by long terms of terrible weather, such as heat waves, droughts or rainy seasons that harm your plants and make you not want to leave your house. Another common cause is suffering constant loss of your plants from disease, pests or weeds. 

When you spend long days in the garden working so hard and it doesn’t pay off, it can make you want to give up, but we urge you not to. 

Although it may seem hard right now, it is possible to start enjoying your garden again without all the hard work and constant heartbreak. 

How a Salad Table Can Help

With the Salad Table gardening has never been easier, so you can always enjoy tending to your garden without the stress of burnout or boredom.

Less Bending

Gardening fatigue is common in elder and pregnant gardeners who end up with sore backs, knees and joints from bending or kneeling for long periods while tending to their garden beds. It’s easy to understand why you would prefer to give up your garden than deal with these pains, but with the Salad Table you can have your garden without all the pain.

Our Salad Tables have a raised design which places your leafy greens at the ideal height for planting and harvesting while standing or sitting to minimise the strain on your back and joints.  

Less Pests

When you’re not the one benefitting from your garden it can seem pointless to keep wasting your time and effort maintaining it. Once you start to reap the rewards of your hard work, you will start to remember why you wanted a garden in the first place. 

Due to the raised design of the Salad Table it is harder for rodents and bugs to get into your produce and raid your precious garden. 

The Salad Tables are hydroponic gardens which means your fresh produce grows in a base of water and nutrients which naturally repel pests without harsh chemicals such as pesticides. So, you can enjoy all of your good quality fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs without sharing any with the local wildlife or insects.

No Weeding

Constant weeding can leave you feeling burnt out and bored when all you want to do is harvest and taste your crops. 

Due to the Salad Table’s design, your plants won’t end up being overrun with weeds. So, your days of weeding are long gone. 

No Need to go Outside

Our Salad Tables can be set up inside so you can have a vegetable garden right in your kitchen or dining room. This means you can enjoy growing plants without all the excess heat, sunburn or rain. 

Growing your plants indoors can also ensure they’re sheltered from the harsh elements. As long as they get enough sunlight you can make the growing season last all year long from the safety of your home. 

You can even cook with the freshest produce by harvesting your crops directly from the table into the pot. 


Some people attribute their gardening fatigue to the long waiting times between when they sow the seeds and harvest their crops. 

In hydroponic systems nutrients are delivered directly to your plant’s root system, to help them grow quickly. Plants grown this way grow twice as fast as they do in traditional soil or potting mix gardens. 

This means your produce will be ready within 3-4 weeks of planting. So, you will never have to wait excruciatingly long amounts of time before you can taste your delicious crops. 

You can visit our website to pre order your own Salad Table and start finding the fun in gardening again and combatting your fatigue today. 

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