Easy Gardening For All Ages

Easy Gardening For All Ages

Gardening may seem like something aimed towards the younger generation due to the heavy labour required, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With our hydroponic Salad Tables, gardening is now a comfortable activity for the whole family. 

The Salad Table is ideal for vegetable and herb gardening, so you can enjoy fresh produce straight from your backyard. These gardens have a quick turn around and are great for teaching your kids about where their food comes from and encourage healthier options for the whole family.

Let’s take a look at how our table design hydroponic gardens make gardening an activity that people of all ages can enjoy comfortably.


Easy to Grow


We know that life can be busy, but that shouldn’t stop you from starting your own home garden and growing your own fresh produce. With the Salad Table gardening has never been easier. 

Hydroponics allows your plants to be fed nutrients directly to their root system, this helps your plants grow quickly. Plants grown in hydroponics can also grow twice as fast as they do in traditional gardens. Your vegetables will be ready to eat within 3-4 weeks of planting, then you can simply just replace it with a new seedling and start the process again. This is great if you have a big family to feed.

Your system also comes with an efficient pump providing consistent water and nutrient flow to your garden. This provides peace of mind, so you don’t have to stress if you have a big day and don’t feel like tending to them one day. 



No Bending


The constant bending over, kneeling or sitting on the ground can cause many people to give up gardening as they get older, it becomes more difficult to get up and down. Now, getting older doesn’t have to mean giving up your love of gardening. With our hydrogardens you can tend to your plants while standing comfortably or even sitting. 

Age isn’t the only thing that can increase your chances of getting a sore back from bending over though. Taller people, pregnant women and people with health conditions can also struggle with the lengthy bending associated with gardening. 

The table design of these gardens means that you can also sit down if you need to rest your legs and you’ll still be able to care for your garden. 

While this added height is great for most people, it may seem like it excludes children but this isn’t the case. Your children can be a part of the process if you choose one of our vertical salad tables, they can tend to the lower shelves while you handle the higher ones. 



No Chemicals


Many people are put off by the idea of gardening due to the need for harsh chemicals that can be dangerous for themselves, their children and their pets. This is an understandable concern due to the risks associated with the use of pesticides, weed killers and the chemicals that are used in potting mix. 

However, these are now concerns of the past. With our hydrogardens, there are no weeds or dirt and faster growing plants are less prone to insects and disease so there is no need to use harmful chemicals. So, you can have peace of mind knowing your garden is safe and healthy. 

And now your kids can join in the gardening activities. Your children will love getting involved and will learn so much about healthy eating. 


Little Space Required


Lack of space is another issue that can cause people to give up on their gardening dreams. The Salad Table however can be as big or small as you wish, so you can live out your gardening fantasies anywhere. 

The system can easily fit on your balcony, in a small small yard, inside your house, and even in retirement villages. 

Moving into a retirement home can feel like the beginning of the end of your independence, but it doesn’t have to be. You can remain active and continue your passion for gardening with a Salad Table. You can set it up in any room or on your patio if you have one. 

You will be amazed by how much you can grow in your small garden with a hydroponics system. 

The system is also easy to move around, so if you have to move house or make space for new toys or guests, you can just relocate your garden or disassemble it temporarily. 

Get Started

The garden ideas are endless with the Salad Table, no matter your age, abilities and time. They are easy to maintain and will get you and your family eating healthier.

Read more about our gardens here or contact us to learn more about our hydroponics system and how you can get started today.

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