35 Plant Hydroponic Salad Wall + Free 2L Nutrient

The Salad Table


35 Plant Hydroponic Salad Wall (Growing Lights Not Included) 

Grow Herbs, Veggies, Vine Crops & More!

Perfect for your backyard, courtyard, on the patio or even on your high-rise balcony. Have the power to grow what you want when you want. Grow a fresh mix of herbs & veggies.

Grow a larger & healthier Garden

Hydroponics delivers nutrients straight to the root system of the plants resulting in healthier yields, all year round growth & faster growing crops.

Includes everything to start your garden

No extras needed! Simply add your seeds of choice and start growing your garden in no time. This is an all in one solution designed to work perfectly together.

Everything Included:

  • Durable wheels for easy movement 
  • 15 Litre nutrient tank
  • High quality efficient pump
  • Grow Cubes
  • Seedling Baskets  

Reduce water consumption by up to 90% 

The fully recirculating system continuously recaptures and recirculates nutrient rich water to the plants root system, meaning you can save up to 90% compared to soil gardening. 

Simple cleaning maintenance

Designed by a gardener for gardeners, the proven design allows easy planting, harvesting and cleaning. 

35 Large Growing Spaces

Perfect for many herb, veggie and Asian green varieties.

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