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Nutrient Packs

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Our Nutrient Packs come in 3 sizes, 2L, 5L and 10L

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This product is what really makes the magic of growth happen. It contains all all the essential elements that plants require to survive in any environment. It is perfectly balanced and due to the Salad Table design it travels straight to the root system providing the plant with everything it needs to not only survive, but thrive. This is why your plants grow twice as fast as soil gardens.

It has taken us years of trial and error to discover this combination of system, nutrient, grow cubes and seeds is simply the best of the best. This is the future. Now it's over to you to grow your own using exactly the same process as farmers.

Application rate - add 150ml of A and 150ml of B to to your 60L nutrient tank
or 2.5ml of A and 2.5ml of B to every 1 litre of water.

Current guidelines don't allow us to class our nutrient as organic due to it being "mixed" by humans although it only contains all the natural ingredients that plants uptake from the ground. Our nutrient is simply a perfect combination of all the elements added together to form a sublime balance. Current guidelines may change in the future at which time we can actually class our product as organic (without actually changing our product!!!!)

On average using a 36 plant Salad Table your nutrient should last you for 2L - 2 months / 5L - 4 months / 10L - 8 months (this is dependent on the season, the varieties, and the growth stages of plants in the Salad Table)

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